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Joe Zee talks Elie Tahari Spring 2012 runway

These days, Joe Zee splits his time between business development and styling.

The Creative Director of Elle spends one part of his day coaching high potential, underperforming designers on his Sundance show All on the Line, then seamlessly switches gears to a design studio, where he styles, cuts and edits looks until they’re runway ready.

"I don’t play sports," Zee says, when we ask if there’s any hat he doesn’t wear.

Zee spent the day at the Elie Tahari design studio today styling our forthcoming New York Fashion Week show Wednesday - and paused for five minutes to chat with Elie Tahari Insider about his forecasts.

"We’re so visually assaulted every time we watch TV or use the internet," Zee says.

"When styling, I try to convey something new. Something interesting. I want someone to be excited about something different, to make them think, appreciate, love, hate. Anything but forget."

"The thing that is so inherently characteristic of Elie Tahari is that he takes tailored pieces and mixes them with something unstructured," Zee goes on.

"What Elie Tahari has always done such a great job of - and is doing for this runway show - is mixing patterns and colors and textures." 

We’re blushing. :)